The Ham Radio of Literature

        My wife’s grandfather the preacher was a ham, and he loved ham radio too. Every day he communicated with friends all over the world.  First thing every morning, he go to his study.  He’d flip the switch, twist a bunch of knobs, and the radio would make some kinda high-pitched racket that sounded like Orson Wells had dialed in the Martians.  When he died there were people who came to his funeral who he’d never met but who considered him a close friend.

        I feel the same way about the blog world, and see it as the ham radio of literature.  Maybe some of the high brow folks view it is beneath their dignity, but I don’t care.  After a life-time as a country doc, that was gone a long time ago for me anyway.

       I’m an early riser.  I’d like to tell you it was from my days at work on the farm, but all I liked about farm work was grandma’s biscuits and her Mark Twain books.  I still get up early to read.  After that I walk the dog, and put on the coffee.  Then I crank up my old reliable Windows 98.  It chimes in with the signature jingle that indicates it’s time check in with my blog pals.  I strap on my mandolin, play a few songs, and cruise around to visit friends all over the world without ever leaving the house.   This blog world is every bit as modern as ham radio, and just as much fun.

        Y’all don’t worry about my funeral though.  It’s a long way off.  Besides, I’m a writer.  I’ll figure out some way to post about it.

Dr. B

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12 Comments on “The Ham Radio of Literature”

  1. newt221 Says:

    I feel like I know you as good as if you were a

    From your blog, you give me a glance into the life of a country doctor. And when you write about Indie, I can see him clearly in my mind’s eye. Same with all the others who end up in your typed lines on-line.

    I do the same thing. Early riser…while munching on cereal or eating my cream of wheat, I cruise the blog and facebook world to keep tabs on my friends from near and far.

    • drtombibey Says:


      My family comes first in life, but I take my friends very seriously.

      Just as in the ham radio world, I have never met you or the majority of my blog friends but if anything happened to you or them, it would worry me as much as it would many of my real-life friends.

      In that sense we are all in together. But whatever you do don’t worry about me. If I’m outta here, I’ll post all about the funeral. I just hope someone shows up to play music so it won’t be a wasted day for folks.

      Dr. B

  2. TC Conner Says:

    Didn’t granny make bacon grease gravy for you to eat with them biscuits?

    And is that “Southern Flavor” I hear you pickin out on that mandolin? ;~)

    • drtombibey Says:


      ‘Southern Comfort’ is a good’un. (An old Bill Monroe number as you know) And to me those biscuits and gravy are more Southern Comfort than the whisky that goes by that name.

      Dr. B

  3. Ha! Lovely post, Dr. B. Glad to hear you ain’t planning on dying anytime soon! You’ve got too much left to do in this world for that – too much music, love and words to spread.

    • drtombibey Says:

      Amen slightly,

      I check the obituaries every day and I haven’t been in there yet. Old doc is still rock ‘n rolling.

      You have the nicest compliments. If I can spread around a little kindess before I’m gone I will have gotten done all I wanted to do.

      One day I hope to have granchildren. I could teach them doctoring, books, mandolin, banjo, guitar, bass, golf, but most of all how to live, love unconditionally, be loyal, and laugh. Might as well live good; we don’t get outta here alive and Eternity is even one step better.

      Dr. B

  4. Janice "Busgal" Brooks Says:

    Back before the bus cleaning gig I was unemployed but very active in ham radio traffic nets including STM for Western Pa and 3rd region early cycle. My office has gone from papers with messages to aplink to internet as N3EMD. While work took my ham radio time the internet took my interest and the ham radio years helped me understand chat room and message boards with ease.

    Also the fact that when I joined AOL in 1995 I jumped to country music areas and forged connections with Ray Benson and the guys of BR549. This got me inspired at the time commercal radio changed for the worse. I’m thankful for connections that have grown by leeps and bounds and that I still have connections from the begining.

    • drtombibey Says:


      My friend you are far better connected than me. (For one thing you know Rev Shell, and he knows everybody) I spent all life in one county as a Doc and now that I am semi-retired I’ve gone wild with all this tech biz.

      Dr. B

  5. junebugger Says:

    I love blogs! But these days I have little time to do any of the things I enjoy. University. GAH. My days are a blur of business. I can’t seem to sit down and simply relax. I can’t wait until the summer!
    And I think blogs are a wonderful way to meet wonderful people, like yourself!

    • drtombibey Says:


      You are right for your studies to come first. But keep your hand in it a little. When you get old all those connections will come in handy.

      Dr. B

  6. donqvijote Says:


    Albeit…there *is* something undeniably cool and comfy about a nice and cluttered ham shack :).

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