Having Fun

        I played a gig not long ago with Al Donnelly, the Irish folk rock singer-songwriter I’ve told you about before.  It isn’t straight bluegrass, so you gotta stay on your toes.  He’s organized though, and even sends me a few chord charts ahead of time so I can prepare for the gig.

        Still, I think at least the musicians in the crowd know I’m winging part of it.  One came up after our show.  I know him well, as he does a lot of the guitar and all the uke work at Harvey Methodist.  He said, “Didja hire Dr. B as your side-man tonight?”

        “Yes sir.”

         “Man, I dug ‘There is a Time.’  Enjoyed the show; loved the singing; cool clawhammer, good mandolin breaks, too.  I tell you one thing, I’ve never played a gig with Doc and not had a good time.  The boy’s gonna have fun.”

         Donnelly smiled.  He knew it was true.  I considered it a most high compliment.  I’m a serious doctor, but when I put down the stethoscope and pick up my mandolin I am but a large child.

        Let’s go play.

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “Having Fun”

  1. Jerry Watson Says:

    I picked up my first (and only) mandolin when I was overseas. I had played a tenor banjo for a long time but couldn’t take it over there. I missed playing music so bad that I found a cheap mandolin in the px and bought it. I learned to play it after a fashion and finally gave it to my son. He taught himself to play the mandolin and I love to hear him play. He’s still learning. I also gave him my old Epiphone guitar and helped him learn to play it and now he plays in a band. Not my kind of music but he’s young yet. I have no doubt he’ll come around as the years go by. He also taught himself how to play the bass and wants to take my five string banjo when I go. He also loves to play around with his Mom’s piano and it’s obvious he could play it well with some lessons. Would love to hear you play, Dr. Why don’t you give us a podcast of some of your music?

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