The Christmas Party

        At lunch today I’m gonna play my mandolin with the Harvey County Christmas Pickers at Ted Davidson’s annual Christmas party.  My mandolin gets me an invite to all the best parties.

         I like Ted.  He invites the whole county to his party.  You might see the Judge there eating a bowl of Ted’s famous gumbo while he talks over old times with the cat who is out on parole, or the doctor playing music for a family who was sore last year when mama died.  He invites the cops and the thugs and society folks and the have-nots.  The thing I like about Ted is he treats everyone like a human being. 

        I figure the least I can do is play my mandolin to help him out.  For a lawyer, Ted ain’t a bad guy.

Dr. B

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4 Comments on “The Christmas Party”

  1. Carmen Says:

    Ah you are living my dream… Bluegrass, mandolins, Christmas!

  2. drtombibey Says:


    True story: I was off this afternoon and played two Christmas parties, and have one more tonight. My motto this year: “Have mandolin will travel.”

    Dr. B

    • Carmen Says:

      Hope you are bringing the mandolin on the book tour!

      • drtombibey Says:


        Absolutely. I am not comfortable in front of people without a stethoscope or a mandolin strung around my neck and I figure a book store ain’t a good place to be doing doctor exams.

        Everywhere I go will need someone from the crowd to be my lead singer though. I am a fair mandolin side-man and part singer but always need help in life to cut my gig.

        Dr. B

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