Nice Guy Syndrome

        Just to let y’all know I’m a nice guy if I want to go to the bathroom I have to plan for it.  The journey is a minimum investment of a gauntlet of a dozen questions.  I counted today.  It was one from a patient in the hall who didn’t want to have their blood drawn, one from a rep who brought samples for an indigent patient of mine I was trying to help, two very legitimate questions from nursing about prescription refills (one was a patient who wanted to leave for the beach right now) one from Julius (it was a good one though) one from the front office about a policy concern, one from the appointment secretary about an MRI the insurance company didn’t want to do (it was needed and we won) a call from a friend whose mother was in trouble, another question from a patient in the hall I had already answered twice, and a hug from my mentally handicapped diabetic buddy.  In addition, there two signatures and only one patient stepped on my toe.

        I’m not complaining though.  There is no heavy lifting involved and I am too old for that if there was.  Being a Doc isn’t hard, but it does require some personal patience.  Good bladder control doesn’t hurt either.

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “Nice Guy Syndrome”

  1. junebugger Says:

    Oh dear! hahaha.

    Trying to control your bladder is painful! I remember I had to go to the washroom in the middle of a car to niagra falls for this church conferance thing. They were on the highway so there was no where to stop for me to go. I nearly cried!

    This all occured because I was too nice. Earlier on I had to go but decided to wait until we reached our destination, unwilling to bother the driver and ask her to pull over at a gas station or where ever.

    I guess in my case honesty is needed during these circumstances 🙂

    • drtombibey Says:


      Well I guess an old Doc and a young lady have something in common; both so nice they only think about themselves after everyone else is taken care of.

      My only word of wisdom is not to get too carried away with the concept and be sure to take care of yourself in life too.

      Dr. B

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