Turn Back the Hands of Time

        Indie loved his cabin.  He used to say it was the only place on earth where you could turn back the hands of time.  When he died the T.V. was still analog.  He had an old stereo but one speaker was blown out.  He’d keep the same Bill Monroe LP on the turntable for months on end.

        Indie had many talents.  He liked to work on antique watches.  One time he restored an old pocket watch and gave it to me for my birthday.  His casual outward appearance belied a meticulous side few knew of.  It made him a wonderful Doctor, a fine fiddler, and an expert craftsman.  He never bragged on it though, which is one reason I have always been compelled to write of him.

        As he got older, his Parkinson’s got worse.  When he’d work on watches he’d get into Barney the skeleton’s skull and for a nip of Jim Beam.  He said it steadied his hand, and toned down the tremor enough for him to do the fine work involved.

        Indie worried over me.  “Son, you’re a fine Doctor but you invented type A.  When you’re here at the Cabin you don’t need to worry about time.  I never think about unless you remind me.  Here time can stand still.  Hell, it can go backwards if you get your mind set right.” 

        I would laugh, but I knew Indie was right.  He taught me a lot about being laid back, at least when I was off duty.

        Not long ago Marfar was in the cabin kitchen and broke out in a big laugh.  The kitchen clock is an old Greensboro, N.C. Pilot Life Insurance company model.  (Indie gave her the bronze piggy bank to match.)  It dates back to the fifties.  You remember the song on the early ACC basketball games.  ‘Sail with the pilot…’  The center of the clock features the Pilot at the wheel.  He has on a yellow rain slicker.  Time has worn the old sea salt’s once chiseled features into an unrecognizable sand-blasted look.  His right hand serves as a second hand like a maestro’s baton.     

        “What’s so funny?” I asked.

        “Look at the clock.”

        “The Pilot?  Yeah, he’s a fixture.”

        “No, look again.  Check out the hands.”

        Good Lord have mercy.  They’re going backwards!”

        “What do you make of that?  I’ve never seen a clock do that.”

        I laughed.  “It’s Indie, hon.  He said time could go backwards at the cabin.  I bet that rascal got into his Jim Beam before he died and rigged up the Pilot’s hands to run backwards.”  The thought of Indie with a Barney brainstorm to remind me to relax after he was gone was too much.

        Indie always did get the last laugh.  I could just picture him and St. Peter yucking it up as they waited for me to figure it out.

        I’d try to get one on him, but his current location precludes it.  You don’t diss folks in Heaven.  But old pal, when I get there, you just wait…..

        By the way, I ain’t about to ‘fix’ that clock.  Indie already did that for me.

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “Turn Back the Hands of Time”

  1. Love this story Doc !!!

    Wonderful stuff….

    Speaking of Miss Megan…. she and I are working today for a bit on a song she has started. We were recently in the studio to create a track for her to sing to on one of mine and Cordle’s songs…

    Have a great day today my friend…. THE REV

  2. drtombibey Says:


    Dang! Telepathy going on.

    I understand they used to say in Nashville if Chet Atkins had a song in his ‘Hit Drawer’ and he thought you ought to do it, you should never turn it down.

    Well nowadays I say if you have a song pitched by Larry and Larry you better get a hold of it. If you don’t you’d be doing yourself wrong, and as the man said “I remember my grandfather’s counsel… You can’t do wrong and get by.”

    I sent Megan a link on that KNP banner pic to be extra sure you got it.

    Dr. B

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