Somewhere Over the Rainbow

        I don’t know about y’all, but I love the song ‘Somewhere Over the Rainbow.’  Even as a kid, poor Judy Garland sang it like someone who was destined to see some hard times.  I felt sorry for her back then, but the way she sang I am confident she found peace in eternity.

        One of my young FaceBook book friends wrote today that she was sitting on top of a rainbow and had the world by a string.  I liked that imagery.

        I wrote back that somewhere over the rainbow was a life of perpetual grace and dignity and I hoped she’d pull a few strings for me.  Maybe some of my patients would be blessed in the process.

        I left for work.  The first guy I saw was a fellow I have been worried about.  He is in the throws of something very bad, and suffers with a lot of pain.  We talked a while.

        At the end of our conversation, I said, “Well brother, I do know this.  Some where out there a pretty young blond lady angel is pulling a few strings for you.”  

        “Really, Doc?”


        “Dang.”  He broke into a broad grin.

          I sent him back to the pain Docs for some tweaking, but I think he was better before he left the office.  It confirms what I’ve always believed.  Somehow, some way, somewhere over the rainbow we are all in this thing together.

Dr. B

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6 Comments on “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”

  1. gargamel Says:

    Hi Dr. B.,

    I just stumbled over a comment of yours on Graph Jam and idly clicked on the link you left there. After that, I spent about the last 4 hours reading your blog.

    While I’m neutral regarding bluegrass (sorry, I liked it as a background music for that Railroad Tycoon game, but otherwise it’s not my thing), I really enjoyed the medical blog entries. They are similar to Atul Gawande’s books, which I enjoyed very much reading.

    Now, back to reading. 🙂

    • drtombibey Says:


      Wow. I must say you have the best attention of span of any reader I’ve run into. I appreciate you dropping by.

      I have a Med Student right now, so I expect the medical concentration to be fairly heavy over the next six weeks. I hope we will have more stories of interest for you.

      I have been at it many decades and it is still something new every day.

      Dr. B

      • gargamel Says:

        Wow-back, you are indeed a fast replier.

        And, judging from what I have read, quite a wit. I like it.

        I hope your student will be smart enough to keep the Co-Cola supply up and flowing – unlike here, I’ve run out of the sweet stuff, restock due tomorrow. 😦

  2. drtombibey Says:


    I was at the computer, so I’m multi-tasking right now. Reading, studying my monthly mando lesson (minor scale appeggios) and catching up on blog and e-mail biz. All fun.

    Sorry you’re out of Co-Colas; a sad day indeed.

    Dr. B

  3. Dr B
    I enjoyed this post a lot. My favourite rainbow song has to be Kermit singing The rainbow connection, which essentially has the same message – the lovers, the dreamers, and me.

    • drtombibey Says:

      Ms. Sharon,

      I think it is a song about dreams too, and without dreams it would be a hard world.

      Dr. B

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