What’s For Breakfast?

        I dedicate today’s post to Otis.  Next time he gets a snoot-full and Aunt Bee has to teach Sunday School I’m gonna take his breakfast down to the jail.  Gotta treat our regular customers with extra respect.

        I was visiting my Marie today and we went to my favorite restaurant in the Tobacco Triangle; Soul Shack Mama’s.  I get the catfish and eggs and biscuits with sopping  ‘lasses every time. (or you can opt for gravy if desired)  Other than my wife’s sausage and grits Christmas casserole it is my favorite breakfast on the planet.

        My wife always gets the salmon patties and Marie opts for a pancake sandwich.  My boy likes the pigs in a blanket.  When we used to camp out we made ’em with Vienna sausages.  The Soul Shack has plenty of hot black coffee too, and it is almost as good as campfire coffee with my boy.  (It inspired the line in my coffee song:  “Special moments for me…. can simply be…..poured up from an old tin can.”)

        Oh well, like Bob Rupe says, thanks the Lord for LipoScience in Raleigh.

        I’m sure you remember the old Hee-Haw routine.  What’s for breakfast, grandpa?  What’s ya’ll’s favorite?  Otis, go ahead and place your order; I’m on my way to the courthouse.

Dr. B

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12 Comments on “What’s For Breakfast?”

  1. Julius Says:

    I think I may know the place you’re talkin of; if so, then it’s got some good cooking!

  2. mandogrin Says:

    You know when you get to talking FOOD , you will jerk my chain.

    I just wanted to share with you my favorite breakfast place in the world. Located at 2366 Ashley River Road, Charleston, SC 29414 is the quaint little diner called the Sunflower Cafe.. If you are ever in Charleston, you have to stop by and meet the friendliest folks who bring a whole new meaning to the word “Fresh”. And talk about “something different” on the menu … check this out

    Breakfast Menu served Mon-Sat 8:00-11:00 Sun 9:00-2:00

    Omelets (served with grits or potatoes and biscuit)

    Sauteed spinach, oven dried tomatoes, and feta cheese $6.25
    Ham, fresh tomatoes, peppers, onions, and cheddar cheese $7.25
    Fresh crab, artichoke hearts, and brie $8.25
    Filet mignon, borsin cheese, and fresh sauteed mushrooms $8.95
    White and yellow cheddar cheese $4.95

    Benedicts (served on a toasted english muffin with grits or potatoes)

    Salt cured country ham topped with poached eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce $6.25
    Spicy sausage, peppers, and onions topped with poached eggs and homemade chipotle hollandaise sauce $6.75
    Fresh crab and fried green tomatoes topped with poached eggs and homemade hollandaise sauce $7.25


    Plain waffles $4.50
    Sweet pecan waffles served with warm banana syrup $5.75
    Sweet potato pancakes topped with pecan butter and dusted with powdered sugar $6.25
    Stacked pancakes dusted with powdered sugar (2) $4.50 (3) $5.50
    Traditional frech toast dusted with powdered sugar $4.95
    Beignets – Fried dough covered with powered sugar $3.25

    It’s a “no pretence” kind of place… Come as you are … stay as long as you wish … might even get to catch up on politics if the “Unofficial World Problem-solvers Mens Club is there that day.

    People in the Charleston area love bluegrass music … and is the home of my favorite author, Pat Conroy. So I figure you’ve got to put them on your Book Tour.


    • drtombibey Says:


      Lawd have mercy; bluegrass food for sure. Brother if you can land me a bookstore gig there me and you and our wives will load up for a road trip for sure.

      Let me know what mando tunes you want to play for duets. I always have to do ‘When you’re Smiling’ for Marfar in ‘C’ and ‘The Cherokee Shuffle’ (in ‘A’) in honor of Indie. It was his theme song.

      Dr. B

  3. Sounds like my kind of place- breakfast is, after all, the best meal of the day!

  4. Trying to lose some weight just now, so breakfast is usually just a bowl of high-fibre cereal with skimmed milk – not really the kind of stuff to get me leaping eagerly out of bed in the morning. But we do have our own traditional “heart attack” brekfast here in Scotland – fried eggs (at least 2), several rashers of bacon, square sliced pork sausage, black pudding, friut pudding, fried bread or potato scone – plus a grilled tomato and some mushrooms to try to kid ourselves that we’re healthy and we eat vegetables. Only thing I found to beat all that was on holiday in various Asian countries, where you get fish curry for breakfast – sounds disgusting, but it’s great!

    • drtombibey Says:


      My daughter always says my food preferences indicate I am mostly Scots-Irish, but also part Oriental. Your comment indicates a similar bent.

      When I get over there, I want to try that haggis at least once.

      Dr. B

  5. Haggis? Now there’s a real delicacy! Can have it here for breakfast too along with the square sausage and black pudding. Actually, I’d better stop all this thinking about food before I yield to temptation and wreck my attempt to lose weight.

    • drtombibey Says:


      It is traditional for the Masters Champion to choose the menu for the dinner the next year. I understand when Nick Faldo won it was haggis.

      Dr. B

  6. Smitty Neuse River Pres. Says:

    Doc, eating breakfast with Mom in the morning. She gets that thick bacon and cooks it in the George Foreman. We will have biscuits- I am a professional butterer, eggs and chocolate gravy. IT will be ready at 6:30 but I always tell her 6:45 but it will be ready at 6:30.

    Now several people have commented on fish for breakfast. I am sorry, but that is something I am just not going to try. I want my grease from an animal not a fish.

    • drtombibey Says:


      From my visit to Mississippi I know y’all can cook Southern for a fact.

      I wasn’t much of a fish for breakfast guy until those fried catfish at Soul Shack’s, but they got me hooked.

      Dr. B

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