Humor and Jokes

        Often on vacation we’ll watch DVDs of old comedy people like George and Gracie or Jack Benny.  Even though they were stars they conveyed so much about being human.  Part of it was because they came up tough in vaudeville, and didn’t forget what it was like to be broke.  And too, I think it was because they believed in humor rather than jokes.

        Somewhere I read that humor is a way for people to forget their troubles if but for a moment.  It allows a chucke at the impossible circumstances we all face at times.

        On the other hand, a joke is something funny that is sometimes told at someone’s expense.  (as in to play a joke on someone)  A joke can be humorous, but humor is never a joke.  Or something like that. 

        As a Doc I see a lot of bad things, and most it ain’t very funny.  I try to write with some humor, otherwise I’d don’t know how I’d get through it all.

        On the other hand, if I ever write a joke and make fun of anyone, I hope you guys will call my hand on it.  I want to avoid that if at all possible.

       Hope y’all have a fine 4th of July. I’m gonna go watch some George Burns.  “Say good night, Gracie.”  Or perhaps that should be thanks for the grace, Gracie, you were a princess.

Dr. B

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4 Comments on “Humor and Jokes”

  1. Ah, Dr. B, you’re not that kind of guy. I can’t see you making a joke at someone’s expense – least of all your patients. Humor is an outlook on life as well, and of course you try to keep that in your life – heck, you see way too many sad stories a day to be able to bear it unless you kept your rosy glasses on and put some humor in it. From what you’ve told us, many of your patients take the same outlook – it’s a survival mechanism in many ways.

    • drtombibey Says:


      If I ever did it would be an accident and I’d be sorry for it.

      There is no doubt that humor, art, and spirituality have been a way to cope with what all I see.

      I’ve been told in heaven I won’t have to go on vacation to escape reality. There I’ll be able to hang up my stethoscope for good.

      Dr. B

  2. Danny Fulks Says:

    Beware of checking your patients for ticks.

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