Tis Sweet to be Remembered

        My song of the day is ‘Tis Sweet to be Remembered.”  The version I recall is Jim and Jesse.   Art can give you a bit of Earthly immortality, and I don’t think Jim and Jesse will be forgotten, at least as long as the free world exists.  

        It’s time to go back to work, but I’m ready.  Marfar, Indie’s cabin, and my mandolin have revived me.  Either I am getting better at writing,  y’all are getting better at reading me, or both, but I was every bit as tired as you guys thought.

        ‘Tis Sweet to be Remembered.’  When  fellow gets my age he wonders how quick folks will forget him once he’s gone.  After all, my work as Doc is only worldly, and not that important in the grand scheme of things. 

        And it sure isn’t glamorous.  When you don’t wear a tie because one got stuck in someone’s rear-end while you were doing an age specific colorectal screening examination…..well, you get my point.  All I can do as a Doc is my best with each human being in front of me, and pray real hard for guidance.  I do that, but as Lester Flatt would say, a hundred years from now that won’t matter much here on Earth. 

        After some rest and time to reflect this weekend, I think that is why I wrote my book, my blog, and a few songs along the way.  My fondest dream for my writing is someday that little spark plug boy of mine or my sweet daughter will be old and in the Nursing Home and read my stories to some grandchild on their knee.

        “Was great grand-dad really like that?”  the grandchild will ask.

         “Oh I don’t know, sweetie.  I think he made that part up.  But now this scene at the Bomb Shelter, that was real.  I know ’cause I was there…”  

        So, thanks for not forgetting me, folks.  ‘Tis sweet to be remembered.’

        Back to the Salt Mines.  It is my Earthly duty, and I do not shirk it.  When I get to the Pearly Gates I want St. Peter to know I did my best.  I know God does, ’cause I pray about it, but I do want to be sure there is no confusion on the matter.  Eternity is a rather long spell, and I want to remembered the right way.

Dr. B

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4 Comments on “Tis Sweet to be Remembered”

  1. mandogrin Says:


    We’ve only known each other a short while… and though I’m not too big on the reincarnation thing I’ve got to believe our souls have been rubbing shoulders for a while. There is someting special in public service ( even if we do get paid for it ) and throw in a love for telling stories and bluegrass music… We’re bound to be kin. Save me a spot just inside the Pearly Gates .. I got a feelin they’ll be a pretty good jam session waiting on us.

    Meanwhile I have a feeling they’ll be telling stuff on both of us here on earth long after we’re gone. It is sweet to be remembered!

  2. drtombibey Says:


    Man I am certain we are kindred spirits. You will enjoy my Wednesday post. It is about an old friend of mine from Jr. High named Coach. I know they will be telling stories on him long after he’s gone. And when he is departed, I am sure when he will wait on us at the Pearly Gates and vouch for us when we get there.

    Dr. B

  3. Cindy Carter Says:

    Dr. B….

    We all need down time. And, we all need to know there are those out there who know us and care….

    Thank you for your kind words when I had my latest dental fiasco… They made me feel that someone else could “feel my pain” so to speak.

    Hope you read my today’s post…it has to do with caring.

    • drtombibey Says:

      Ms. Cindy,

      I was over in your neck of the blog woods this am, but it must not have been up yet. Will go back over and check again.

      Yeah dental pain and kidney stones make me thankful for modern medicine. Glad you got that episode behind you.

      Dr. B

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