Top of the Day/Earl Scruggs

        Top of the day to you guys.  I love my coffee maker at Indie’s cabin.  It’s old, but is has a feature where you can stop it from dripping for a moment, and you don’t have to wait for the whole pot to percolate to sneak a few cups. 

        If you time it just right and get the first two cups, they are quite strong.  Back in my chemistry days we called it something like the supernatent.  Extra strong and extra good.

        There ain’t much out here but me and the birds.  A bee hovered over my coffee for a moment, but it’s black, double strength and no cream or sugar, so it opted for the clover instead.

         My song for the day is ‘Preaching, Praying, Singing.’  Flatt and Scruggs.  That’s what I’m shouting.   Between some old tunes and my Marfar I’m ’bout near rejuvenated.

        I’m on vacation, and only posting an abbreviated version of my blog today.  If you want to get the inside story on the Earl Scruggs concert in his hometown of Shelby. N.C. due up this Friday, June 19th, check out Ted Lehmann’s blog.  (the English Professor)  The link is on my blogroll or just click here:

        He’ll protest the reminder, but when you read his blog, you’ll see why I nominated him for IBMA 2009 Print Media Person of the Year.  Ted does what he does because he loves bluegrass music, and trust me the man does a lot.

Dr. B

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14 Comments on “Top of the Day/Earl Scruggs”

  1. mandogrin Says:

    Mmmmm, Good to the last drop…. I have yet to figure why people mess up perfectly good coffee with cream and sugar … That’s like putting drums in a bluegrass band ( doesn’t necessarily hurt … but whats the point …us mandolin players give you all the percussive sound you need)

    By the way, you do know that (according to the Good Book) making coffee is man’s work. There is a whole book in the New Testament dedicated to it …. “HE..BREWS”

    Like the music … Keep it pure … Keep it strong. Enjoy Indie’s cabin just a little longer.

    • Grintombibey Says:


      My wife is a fine cook, but she says no one can make the coffee like me. (I think she just tries to make me feel important)

      In my archives under song lyrics check out the ‘Coffee Song.’ “Some folks always ruin the taste by doctoring it with sugar or cream…”

      Gonna rest up a bit more but doing good.

      Dr. B

      • mandogrin Says:

        Just got a chance to read the Coffee Song gotta be a winner .. I also read your comment about the paramedic fiddle player. There’s a fireman up here in Fletcher named Aaron can wear one out as well. Ought to hose down the strings when he gets through.

        Talent is kind of like the Laurel .. the Good Lord wasn’t stingy when it came to speading it over these mountains.

  2. Hi Dr B

    Glad to hear you’re enjoying your hiatus. I never drank coffee until I went to the US. Now I love it, but mostly I’m a tea drinker and my husband makes it all.

    • drtombibey Says:

      Ms. Sharon,

      It was all milk and cookies for me until medical school, but it’s been coffee ever since.

      My notion is tea is big in Australia the way it is in England. Is that correct?

      Dr. B

      • Hi Dr B
        About twenty years ago tea was the national favourite but with coffee houses opening all over I’d say they’re on their way to evening up. Of course there is a third alternative, and some Australian’s would say the only alternative: beer. I read recently we were ranked fourth in the world for beer consumption whereas tea and coffee were five and fourteen respectively. Not a statistic to be proud of.

      • Hi Dr B
        I’d like to add to my previous comment that while we are drinking more coffee in Australia we’re sissies compared to Europeans. They kick our butts when it comes to strong coffee. I’ve been told it’s so strong you can stand a spoon up in it.

  3. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Sharon,

    The Aussies strike me as folks who to love to be out in sun and to live large. Maybe beer can level off and coffee can get more stout over time.

    Australia is a ‘bucket list’ stop for my wife and me; a place we have to visit someday. Maybe my book will sell a few hundred copies over there and I can convince my accountant it is an imperative business trip.

    We are going to go in the next few years no matter what though.

    Dr. B

    • Dr B.
      Tell your agent we love to read downunder and we’ll even shout her a beer or three.

      You’re right about Aussies living large. We are the mob descended from convicts after all (don’t put that in your proposal to your agent or she’ll never let you come!)

  4. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Sharon,

    Somehow I am well known in two places; Harvey County and Australia! Kindred spirts I reckon.

    My agent loves a good time too. I have no doubt Australia will stay on the list. It looks like a very cool place to visit. (and live too.)

    Dr. B

  5. Smitty Pres. of Neuse River Fan Club Mississippi Says:

    Great that you are on vacation-you never know who you will meet on a golf course. I must comment on Lester Flatt. I heard a Tom T. Hall song several months ago and I still apply part of the chorus to things that happen in my life-“it’s just one of days when I miss Lester Flatt”. Take care.We had chocolate cobler the other night. Take one extra club in the wind. By the way, what type of strings do you have on the mando?

    • drtombibey Says:


      I met Tom T. one time. It was a highlight right there with Jerry Clower.

      Mississippi chocolate cobbler, gooood….

      I’ll bet old Daniel Boone would give the same advice if he played golf.

      I use D’Addarrio J-75s, the slightly heavier one, sometimes the EXP version.

      See you soon. I hear from one of your students every so often, you raised her good.

      Dr. B

  6. Danny Fulks Says:

    Doc, Kristin now being teased from the stage as “Girl Scruggs.” Say the band smells better, looks better.

    • drtombibey Says:


      No doubt this is the first time the Grascals have had ‘the girl next door look,’ yet she’s as strong as banjo player as any man alive.

      Dr. B

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