My Wildest Dreams

        I think the storm has blown over.  I made my way back to the hammock.  Maybe we’ll put some burgers on the grill.  I caught part of a song on the radio.

        Hm.  Great mandolin.  Wonder who that was?  “In my Wildest Dreams.”  Nice tune.  Hey that’s Donna Ulissee.  Didn’t catch it all.  What would we do without music?  Sometimes I grow weary of not being able to cure everybody.  There is much pain and suffering here on Earth.  I guess Ms Donna’s point was at least for a while art can take us away from the reality we can’t do much about.

        I nodded in and out of sleep.  In my wildest dreams all of the world will understand the truths in the music, and folks will abandon aggression.  I think of a scene in ‘The Mandolin Case’ and smile.  At least in Harvey County grace and dignity prevailed.  Indie always did have a lot of friends; folks like Snookers Molesby and Mason Marley.  Heck, even little Tommy Bibey helped.  There were just too many bluegrass folks who knew the truth for the others to overcome their efforts.  That crowd who chased Indie never understood what had transpired, and they still scratch their heads and ask what went wrong.

        Maybe it’s like trying to approach infinity, but we have to keep trying with both music and literature, huh?

        The rain started back, and pinged away on the tin roof.  I’d already moved the hammock away from the leak in the roof, so no fears.  I dozed off again.

Dr. B

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9 Comments on “My Wildest Dreams”

  1. Karen Says:

    Dr. B., it sounds to me like you really need a break. I sense a melancholy in your writing that I haven’t seen before. I know all of us go through those times and it seems to me like you’ve been living at a pretty frenetic pace for a while now. I hope you find rest for your body, mind and soul. And don’t panic. We’ll all be fine until you get back. I promise none of your loyal readers and honorary Harvey County folks are going anywhere. Take five – or even better, take 10 – and allow yourself some time to breathe. Hope you feel refreshed and re-energised soon. Take care.

  2. mandogrin Says:


    So glad you’re getting a little R and R. That dear wife of yours must be your guardian angel.

    You are so right about the suspended moments that we surrender to literature, art, music … and yes even dreams. When the Good Lord wired us up, He knew some of us would have a tendancy to get too wound up. And so he gave us the gift of all things beautiful… From the magnificience of His creation to the unmatched joy in the smile of a child or the comforting touch of someone who really knows you … it is wonderful to be alive. Never discount the refueling that comes with leisure …. “In moments of silence … Reason abounds” so does creativity and sometimes …genuine worship.

    Catch you again after the next nap zzzzzzzzzz.

  3. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Karen and MandoGrin,

    Women and English teachers are so perceptive. You guys are right. Marfar always picks up on my weariness before I do, and will whisk me away to Indie’s old cabin for some R and R. I am so doggone driven I never can see it coming.

    She can always cure what ails me, though. Come Monday I’ll be ready to take on the world again.

    Dr. B

  4. lil red-haired girl Says:

    Doc. I have sort of the same feelins. I had a dear friend lose their life to gunshot early this a.m. over drugs. For the last twenty years I have rescued her from near disasters, one right after the other. I couldn’t rescue her this time. She was so afraid and weak. The two songs that have played in my mind over and over are “Get Me Through December”- A Krauss and “Goodbye For Awhile”- think this was off the Blue Highway cd. I’m left a little broken, but it’s the music that carries me, even in my darkest places of the heart. God Bless you and yours and know that even though you can’t heal the world, the lives you touch will never forget. Pax.

    • drtombibey Says:

      lil red haired girl,

      Oh my. Every time I see one of those situations it is so heartbreaking.

      You keep on singing and playing young lady. Often for us music folks it is the only thing that makes any sense.

      Dr. B

  5. shortdigitalpictures Says:

    “In my wildest dreams all of the world will understand the truths in the music, and folks will abandon aggression.”

    I think this sentence is very beautiful because it’s so simple and pure.

    • drtombibey Says:

      Hey there shortdigitalpics,

      Well thanks so much. I’ve played music a long time and it has brought me much peace. I dream of that for everyone. Of course I probably won’t see that in my lifetime, but I hold to the dream anyway.

      Thanks for visiting, and I hope you’ll come back again.

      Dr. B

  6. pandemonic Says:

    I loved this!

    • drtombibey Says:

      Ms. Pande,

      As artists we get just a bit of Earthly immortality. It is the only reward I hope for.

      I guess if a worldly woman from the frozen tundra and a Country Doc from the South can share ideas via the written word we all have found a touch of that, huh?

      Dr. B

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