Mike Compton and the Mountain Folk School

        Not long ago my wife and I were on a trip.  I was going to take her to see Rock City, but we got lost.  I couldn’t find all those barns I remembered as a kid.  We came through a little place called Red Bank and saw a music store.  Of course, I had to stop.

        I knew it was our kind of place.  A sign on the front door said they were closed, but you could hear music around back.  A washtub bass sat on the side porch.  I rapped on the door and gave a hollar, but the music went on, so we went in.

        As it turns out, they are gonna have Mike Compton there for a mandolin workshop on April 18.  For those of you not familiar with his work, Mr. Compton is the premier Monroe style mandolin player in the world.  He comes by it honestly too.  I have heard Bill Monroe only took him under his wing when Mike agreed to work on Mr. Monroe’s farm one summer.   I can see it now, (paraphrased)  “Son, split that pile of wood and we’ll get to ‘Wheel Hoss’ first thing after supper.”  

          Mike Compton has played for years with the Nashville Bluegrass Band.  He also toured with John Hartford, and even got a gig with the ‘Oh Brother’ phenomenon.  If you live anywhere in the Chattanooga area, this would be well worth your time.  I took one of Mike’s seminars a decade ago. I still can’t play like Monroe, but then other than Mike Compton, who can?

Dr. B

        Information can be obtained at their weblog:

        http://www.mmfolkschool.wordpress.com  or email:


       or google Mountain Music Folk School, Chattanooga

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