Doyle Dykes

        If you get a chance to see Doyle Dykes, please take my advice and go.  He is the best country finger style guitarist I have ever heard, and many say he is the best in the world.  (For all you folks in Australia Tommy Emmanuel is tough too.  He and Doyle are working on a CD together.)  

           As impressive as his guitar skills are, and they border on unbelievable, what impresses me even more is what kind of man he is.  He has worked hard to be the best guitarist he can be, but he knows his gift is not from human hands.  It shows in his  humility.  He gives his Maker all the credit. 

        Doc Watson is my favorite flat-picker.  He once said he hoped he’d be remembered as a good man rather than a flashy guitar player.  Doyle Dykes is beyond fabulous as a player, and my favorite finger style guitarist.  My guess is he would agree with Doc Watson.  It seems the great ones are forever humble.  They understand the Good Lord chose them for His reasons and their job is to follow.

        I am pretty fair country picker, and I have seen a number of great players in my day.  But when Doyle soars though ‘How Great Thou Art” it is so beautiful it brings tears.  When his lovely little daughter Haley sings ‘Amazing Grace’ as he backs her up on guitar they flow again.  I can’t help it, it is that inspiring.  They do country and jazz, and originals, and medleys; I could go on and on; go check them out.  

          I play music and listen to it because I love it.  I see a lot of terrible things in my work; friends with cancer and seizures and heart attacks and death.  I do it because I was O.K. at reading books and filling in those little bubbles on standardized tests, and because in my prayers I felt it was what God had in mind for me. 

        I think God gave me music so I could have a safe place to escape all that reality for just a moment.  Doyle Dykes takes me there with his work.  For me what he plays is not earthly reality but heaven sent.  

        I try to catch Doyle and Haley whenever they are in our area.  After I listen to them I am inspired to be a Doctor for another year.  I like to think that is some small part of why God put them here on earth.  When  I hear them I know I was meant to be a Doc instead of a musician, and I am always content with the life that was chosen for me.  And with their music they forever inspire me to be the best Doc I can be. 

        They make my burdens easier to carry long after they’ve gone back to Tennessee.  Best wishes and safe travels guys.  Keep inspiring us.

Dr. B


Doyle Dykes website is:

He travels for Taylor guitars:

Check out the Doyle Dykes signature model, and next time you see him ask about the white rose inlaid on the headstock of every Doyle Dykes signature Taylor guitar.

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4 Comments on “Doyle Dykes”

  1. rekx Says:

    I will have to check out this Doyle Dyke. Besides mandolin, I also study the country blues style of guitar. I have a number of Mississippi John Hurt tunes under my fingers – he is my favorite by far.

  2. drtombibey Says:


    Doyle is in and out of Texas over the late spring and summer. Check out the tour schedule on his web site.

    He is sponsored by Taylor guitar, and they underwrite some part of his expense, so the ticket price will be very reasonable for his clinics and performances.

    Believe me he leaves old pros slack jawed and is well worth your time.

    Hey I like John Hurt too. I love all the authentic stuff.

    Dr. B

  3. Karen Says:

    Dr. B, it’s such a breath of fresh air to hear someone who is content with their lot in life. You don’t seem to me to have an ounce of jealousy in your body! Instead, you have profound respect and admiration for anyone and everyone who are living the lives they have been called to live. Thanks for inspiring me to live the life I’ve been called to live too. (And for the Tommy Emmanuel reference…hehehehe)

  4. drtombibey Says:

    Ms Karen,

    Doyle is a gem as is Haley. I have kidded Haley and said I was in line for Weber mandolins to sponsor me until they saw her and heard her play.

    We got to be friends years ago when Haley was in town to play and realized her mandolin had been left in Tennessee! I loaned her one of mine for the show and it never sounded (or looked) better. She is a very sweet young lady as well as a wonderful player and singer.

    By bet is they will tour Australia before it is all over. Doyle is working on a CD with Tommy Emmanuel, so look for them some day.

    I agree with you about our callings. I have always felt the Lord called me to be a Doctor and gave me the ability to play music so I could cope with my day job. A guy like Doyle gives it his best every time out, and inspires me to do the same as a Doc.

    Dr. B

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