Guitared and Feathered

        I play music for a number of reasons; emotional, spiritual, artistic.  I see a lot of bad things in my work, and I can forget them for a moment while I am on stage. 

        Don’t tell my bluegrass boys, but I started out on electric guitar.  My parents were very concerned I might become ‘one of those Beatles.’   When I abandoned my crew cut and my uncle the farmer asked why I grew all that hair, I told him it was ’cause the Beatles were coming.  I recall he said he hoped they didn’t eat his crops.

        My motivation to play music back then was not quite so noble.  I played because it seemed like a good way to meet girls.  On the other hand, maybe I haven’t changed much.  I played with ‘Guitared and Feathered’ (my wife’s band) last night, and my motivation was to get to sing ‘Gold Watch and Chain’ with Marfar, ’cause she lights up like a little school girl when I do.  You can’t take all the boy out of a man; the idea is to let him be a little boy at home so he doesn’t wander off.  She does a good job of that.

        We played Harvey Nursing Home, where thanks to cable television, I am a bit of a local star.  In fact I am world famous all throughout Harvey County.  And my boyhood dreams have all come true.  Most of the ladies were my patients.  They all are about 85, and they say I am such a cute boy.  See, it worked out just like God said it would.  All these years, and I still play music to meet girls.

          One night years ago, I stayed up in the ICU all night with an 81 patient of mine.  I was glad to see dawn break, and she was too.  She said she hated to keep me up all night and keep me away from my Marfar.  I told her it was O.K.  My wife had given me permission to stay up all night with all the women I wanted as long as they were over 80.  My patient got a good laugh out of it, and she lived many more years.

        Some things have changed, though.  When all the little old ladies invited me back to play bingo Wednesday night when my wife had Bible study, Marfar told them I was tied up.  Now that I am closer to 80, I believe she has gone and changed the age limit.

         But a gig with G and F  is always fun.  I get to impress Marfar, and she is the girl who really counts.  See you soon; gone to a bluegrass show.

Dr. B

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4 Comments on “Guitared and Feathered”

  1. Dr. B,
    This post was endearing. It sounds like you and Marfar have an incredible relationship, one that has withstood many years. It reminds me of my parents’ relationship, and the way they’d dance together to their old records and my brother and I would be oh-so-embarrassed. But I know now how good their relationship was, because they could still have fun together.
    It sounds like you and Marfar can still have lots of fun together too – which is just what a little boy wants, after all, isn’t it? To be able to play with the people he loves :).
    Your wife’s band’s name is one of the best band names I’ve ever heard. Tell her so from me please.

  2. drtombibey Says:

    ms slightly,

    I think we’ve been down all the married roads except in the Nursing home together. I guess someday we’ll see that one too if we both are lucky enough to live that long.

    I think we embarrass our kids too, but they still hang out with us, at least some of the time.

    Dr. B

  3. pandemonic Says:

    I think that’s why my son and husband took up music — to meet girls. I know that as soon as my husband said he wrote songs and played the piano, that was it for me. There’s something about musicians… It’s like an aphrodisiac!

  4. drtombibey Says:

    Ms Pande,

    I met my wife through music, and was lucky to find one of such like mind. There is something spiritual about playing music with your spouse.

    Dr. B

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