Have you seen this man?

        There was man who came to Harvey County right in the middle of the Mandolin Case.  He went by initials.  It has been around two decades, and I can not recall for sure, but it was either G.B. or B.G.  We had several jam sessions at the Holiday Inn Lounge, and he was right in the thick of them.

        He was tall, about 6’2,” and around 215 pounds.  He was middle aged then, so he’d be on towards elderly now.  He had a big silver belt buckle like what you’d see a rodeo cowboy wear.  But he wasn’t a cowboy.  In fact, I thought he was of Native American descent though he never said for sure.  He wore string ties and had cowboy boots that looked like rattlesnake skin.  I remember he always wore a turquoise bracelet, and sold Stuart Nye jewelry out of the trunk of his car.  He was a dealer in musical instruments too.  He traded in banjos and guitars, but mandolins were his specialty.  In fact he built a few, and they were quite good.  He also did some fine woodcarvings and sold them also.

        Since the Mandolin Case I’ve lost track of him.  I remember he said he got a lead on a prewar flathead banjo from a guy named Crow down around Tupelo.  Crow (not J.D. Crowe) said the banjo was at a shop in Oklahoma.  I recall he had planned a trip out there to get it.  I bet that banjo is worth something nowadays.

        If anyone has run into him direct him to my blog- I’m looking for him.  Again, he went by BG or GB as I recall.  We never did figure out why he came to town, but I think he was important.

Dr. B

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4 Comments on “Have you seen this man?”

  1. Cindy Carter Says:

    Ranger Dog says that if you have something that smells like the guy you are looking for that he will be glad to see if he can “catch a scent”. He likes tracking things.

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Cindy,

    Keep Ranger on the lookout. He’s made it thru another manuscript revision, and is still in the story. I think a publisher would be wise to leave him in, too.

    Dr. B

  3. smitty,neuse river president Says:

    Doc, say he might have been in our neck of the woods. Let me know what you find out?

  4. drtombibey Says:


    You may have run into him. He is a bluegrass man and a dealer of sorts. He is tough but fair. You will enjoy reading about him.

    Dr. B

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