Kindred Spirits/Country Docs

        Hey guys, remember how I told y’all about Dr. Zink’s Country Doctor Compilation?  I heard from a fellow contributor today, and linked him up on my blogroll.  We both have an article in Dr. Zink’s 2009 publication. 
        I only have one request.  Just because he’s younger and better looking don’t ditch me.  Read us both.  If you have interest in the reality of the Doctor world, his perspective is worth your time.

Dr. B

Country Doc Says:

November 27, 2008 at 9:32 am e

Dr. Bibey–

I am that fellow country doctor that wrote for Dr. Tzink’s books with his office right next to the liquor store in Elma, WA! Wonderful to see a kindred spirit here. Would love it you would consider reading my blog, The Country Doc Report ( , and even posting from time to time as I try to expand the number of contributors. At any rate, look forward to seeing our work in print some time next year.

Country Doc Says:

November 27, 2008 at 9:32 am e

Y’all make him welcome.  His link is:

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2 Comments on “Kindred Spirits/Country Docs”

  1. Billy Says:

    You mean there REALLY is an article in a REAL journal coming out that you wrote? And there are REAL live other doctors that have contributed to the collection? Son of a gun. When you mentioned it before, I thought that was all part of this fictional life that you were stiching together. I had to have another cup of coffee and think about that for a while. I went to his site and it is darn good but totally in the “real world”

    I wonder how many other of those journal doctors have web sites? I bet all of them wish they could write fiction.

  2. drtombibey Says:


    Yeah, honest to goodness I have an article coming out in a University press Compilation in 2009. As a Doctor, I wish I could tell you it was an academic piece, but I think I was the token physician bluegrass fiction writer. They had trouble finding another one.

    I hope I can find the other Docs who contributed and link to ther blogs over time.

    The editor is a lady named Dr. Therese Zink. I am a ficiton writer but she is a scholar. She even got an article published in JAMA. It was titled, “Saved by my Ass.” (Boy Scouts honor!)

    I have read a lot of her work, and she is a very smart lady. You’ll like her compilation.

    Dr. B

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