Betty Wallendorf

        All y’all who’ve read my blog a long time know I have all respect for women.  I had a wonderful Mom who saw to it I had whatever I needed to grow up.  She let me play baseball and golf, but she also took me to the library every week.  She was an English teacher, so what little bit of culture I have is from the way she talked every day.  She was my first music influence, too.  When we had birthday parties she’d play the piano.  I was impressed.  I do think it worried her when I took up guitar, though.  She was afraid I might turn into a Beatle.

        I was lucky enough to marry good, and now I’m growing old with the same woman who somehow manages to stay young.  She gave me two fine children and the mandolin I play every day.  How could a man ask for anything else?

        I have a daughter I not only love, but respect, and I’ve worked along side of twelve women for more than two decades.  I get along with them just fine.  So, I don’t see how Betty Wallendorf could make a case I’m against women.  But she might try to.

        I put off this post a long time.  My dear mom used to say if you couldn’t talk nice about someone not to talk about them at all.  I thought about Betty Wallendorf at length, and decided to tell you about her anyway.  I figured if y’all were gonna read the story you deserved to know the truth.  But I have to say- I hope mama doesn’t read this.

        Betty had a motto.  I heard her say it in Sunday School class myself, so I know it for a fact.  She bragged she was the one who came up with it too.  She’d say, “There only two things that matter in life- Money and Sex.  If you have one, you can get the other.”

        I guess I could stop there, ’cause that says what you need to know about Betty Wallendorf.  She was that shallow.

        I didn’t know until some time back that Blinky was a fine baseball player when he was a young man.  He got hit in the head with a wild pitch right about when the Braves were gonna sign him.  He became a mechanic.  Betty didn’t have any use for him after that.  I don’t know why- he was one of the best ones in town.

        Whenever Blinky’d get real sick, she’d leave him at Indie’s office and tell him to call her when he got out of the hospital.  Sometimes I thought Blink would be better off if she hadn’t come to pick him up .

        Betty lived by her sex and money mantra, but she never acted funny towards me.  Maybe she thought I’d run her down, or perhaps it was ’cause my Marie is a black belt in karate and would jerk a knot in her neck.  Better she deal with Marie than my Marfar.  She’d a killed the woman.

        Like I told you before, Betty did make a pass at Indie once, and he flat turned her down.  Made her mad too.

        I will give her one thing.  When she was young, at least according to Indie, Betty Wallendorf was one more good looking woman.  She is now 5′ 3″ and 185 pounds, but Indie says she was 118 when she was 21.  She was a petite woman who wore size 7 1/2 AAA shoes and a size 2 dress back then.  Her hair is brunette, but Janie the Beauty Operator dyes it to keep it her old color.  He eyes are blue, and they are still striking.  I’ll bet she was a knock-out as a young woman.

        Her favorite song was always “We’re in the Money,” and her actress is Julia Roberts in “Pretty Woman.”  She read part of Michener’s Hawaii, but didn’t finish it.  You won’t be surprised to learn she enjoys “Sex in the City,” and “Desperate Housewives.”

        Not long ago, the Preacher gave a sermon I liked.  I remember he said with God a little bit of righteousness goes a long way.

        I’m gonna pray about it and ask for forgiveness, but I can’t think of much righteous or good about Betty Wallendorf.  When I do, I’ll post on it right away.

        For now, though, I need to go take in the church service.  Betty was  mean woman, but I feel bad to be so harsh towards her.  I’m gonna go pray for forgiveness, ’cause I don’t believe in grudges, and they ain’t good for you anyway.

        Come to think of it, I like to think redemption is one of the themes of my story.  None of us are perfect.  All we can do is our best, then ask forgiveness for the rest of it.  And that’s what I am gonna do today.

        Talk to y’all first of the week.

Dr. B

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8 Comments on “Betty Wallendorf”

  1. Susan Shay Says:

    Dr. T,
    I know you know this, but I’ll tell you anyway. Women are people, too. And like with all people there are good ones and bad ones. Sounds like you were in Sunday School with one of the bad ones.
    One good thing is that knowing a bad one or two makes the good ones that much better to know.

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Amen Ms. Susan and right on.

    Dr. B

  3. soulintention Says:

    Sounds like she needs a few prayers —- well while you are at it – throw in one for my redemption —- keep smilin and playing that bluegrass – life is always worth celebrating —-

  4. drtombibey Says:


    Hey there. Yeah ole Betty was a bad one. She should have tried to write poetry. Maybe she would have discovered beauty instead if whatever it was she found.

    I think God helps us find redemption in literature, so keep at it young lady- you write pretty words.

    Dr. B

  5. Cindy Carter Says:

    The thing that keeps running through my mind is Wicked Witch of the South. Did you try throwing water on her to see if she would melt? Did she have one of them flying monkies? Or someone that could be considered on?

  6. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Cindy,

    Those flying monkeys with the tails would be about right for her. She indeed fits your description. On my, I better go to night church, too.

    Dr. B

  7. Billy Says:

    Of all your posts this one feels like it was the hardest to write. Your normal smooth rhythm was not there. I can see you writing it late at night, careful you don’t use words that would offend your mother. All writers show emotion with well crafted words. Of all the blogs I read, you have an uncanny ability to put emotion in style of writing.

  8. drtombibey Says:


    You have gotten so good at reading me you can tell when I struggle, and what time of day I write. Your perceptions are accurate to the point of spooky.

    You are right. Like every good Southern boy, I worried about what mama would think about this one.

    Dr. B

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