Dr. Zink and the Country Doctor Compilation II

        Y’all remember some time back how I told you about the book Dr. Zink is putting together?  Dr. Zink is a University Professor doctor who has been published in JAMA.  Her book is a compilation of stories, essays, and poems from rural docs all across the country.  My agent had me write up an article for her, and it got accepted.  (Come to think of it I guess I can’t say I’ve always been a bridesmaid now, huh?)  My article is called “Inside the Mind of a Modern Country Doctor.”  (Scary, don’t ya think?)

        The book is due out in 2009, and I have gotten to read a number of the selections.  The docs range from folks who in rural towns like me, to one lady who works with the Amish, and another who doctors the Navajo.  One fellow described his office, and it might as well been about home.  His place was right down the street from the liquor store, just like mine.

        I am proud to tell you Dr. Zink also asked me to do a summary article for the book.  (It is one of four)  Mine is called “Where We Are,” and is to summarize the different locales of the docs who will be published in the compilation.  She requested about 1,000 words and I hit it on the nose, (writers are proud of such things) but of course it may change some in the edit process.

        After studying the work of a group of Docs from all over the country I was struck by the fact we were more alike than different, and our problems were universal.  My summary article will be near the front of the ‘Where we Are’ section, so y’all look for it.

        I pasted in Dr. Zink’s recent comments she e-mailed to me below.  Y’all look for the book.  I reckon I can add ‘scholar’ to my resume if you can imagine that!

Dr. B

Dr. Zink’s comments:

        At this time approximately forty story tellers, poets and essayists
from across rural America have contributed.  The title is currently The
Country Doctor
Revisited: A 21st Century Reader of Rural Health Care

        There are 4 sections: Who We Are, Where We Are, Who We Serve and Resources and Challenges.  Each section has a synopsis, one written by you.  The contributors are physicians, nurses, psychologists, midwives and students of these professions. The anthology should be published in 2009 by Kent State University Press.

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4 Comments on “Dr. Zink and the Country Doctor Compilation II”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    Fabulous! Congratulations!

    Perhaps I should move to the country. These city doctors are nothing like you!

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Pande,

    As Ricky Skaggs sang, “I’m going back to the country…. I can’t pay the rent…” (From ‘I Ain’t Broke but I’m Badly Bent.’) I used to play it all the time when my kids were in college.

    Dr. B

  3. Country Doc Says:

    Dr. Bibey–

    I am that fellow country doctor that wrote for Dr. Tzink’s books with his office right next to the liquor store in Elma, WA! Wonderful to see a kindred spirit here. Would love it you would consider reading my blog, The Country Doc Report (http://thecountrydocreport.wordpress.com) , and even posting from time to time as I try to expand the number of contributors. At any rate, look forward to seeing our work in print some time next year.

  4. drtombibey Says:

    Country Doc,

    MAN it is great to hear from you. Another Doc who writes! I loved your Zink article.

    I’ll go one better than to just look at your blog. I’m gonna link up to you, and do a post and tell my folks to check you out.

    Here’s to Country Docs everywhere!

    Dr. B

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