Gone Shopping

        It’s Wednesday, and I’m gonna go shopping.   Now before you do a double take and check to see if you logged onto the wrong blog, let me tell you, yeah this is Dr. Bibey, and yes, you heard me right.  I’m going shopping.

        Yep, I’m not only gonna shop, but I’m gonna take in a chick flick, and maybe go to brunch and drink some of that fancy coffee like what they talk about on T. V.  You know- the stuff sorta like that special moment variety, a cappuccino frappo hoop-tee-do.

        One time I wrote a coffee song.  In regards to regular black coffee, (high test) which is my favorite, some of the words went:

        “Special moments for me….. Can simply be….. Poured up from an old tin can.”

        So anyway, I know you must wonder.  What is that crazy bluegrass picking doctor golfer Bibey up to?  Has he done gone loco?  I mean, this is a guy who didn’t know socks came in any color besides white until half way through college.

        Well, there is a logical explanation.  You see, they spiked (or punched) the greens today.  Now, I ain’t talking salad here.  What I mean is they aerated at the golf course.  In the long run it is the right thing to do, ’cause the putting surface will be slick in a month, but for now it will wreck the greens.

        Now, it ain’t like I’m fooling my Marfar.  They first time I suggested years ago that we go shopping and take in a chick flick, her response was, “Huh?”

        As we drove out of River Run, though, she saw the ground crew on those machines chewing up the turf, and she just smiled.  

       I might be a dumb man a lot of the time, but I ain’t all dumb, and I know to take my wife shopping every so often.  Whenever they spike the greens it is a golden opportunity.  The boys go out of town to play, but I figure my wife deserves a few of my Wednesdays.  I wonder what’s on at the movies.

        And I’m gonna order up some of that special coffee too.  We’re gone to the mall and other points unknown.  It’s her day and she deserves it and more.

Dr. B

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11 Comments on “Gone Shopping”

  1. pandemonic Says:

    ” I might be a dumb man a lot of the time, but I ain’t all dumb, and I know to take my wife shopping every so often. ”

    Dr. B, you are the smartest man on earth! Do you think you could slip Mr. Demonic a mickey (or an email)? We haven’t gone shopping together since the kids were little and the Internet was in its infancy. That was a yearly Christmas shopping excursion. And I can’t go into the grocery store with him, not since the great green pepper debate of 1986.


  2. Ellen Says:

    I’m glad you made it off the course for her special day :0)
    hey if I have to go to one of those fancy coffee joints I buy the regular ole black coffee brewed with no added flavorings (yuck) or cream… saves me a buck.

  3. […] Great Bell Pepper Debate of 1986 Posted on September 10, 2008 by pandemonic This recent post by our illustrious mandolin playing, freelance writing, golfing, bona fide medical doctor (Dr. […]

  4. mrschili Says:

    I love it when my husband takes me on dates. We tend to do dinner and a movie (neither of us is big into shopping) but it’s more about just-you-and-me time than what we’re actually doing.

    What did you go to see? Can we get a movie review?

  5. drtombibey Says:


    We took a mid day break, but tommorrow I’m gonna have to check out the Great Bell Peppper Break.”

    Dr. B

  6. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Ellen,

    Yeah there is a line in the coffee song that goes, “Some folks always ruin the taste… by doctoring it with sugar or cream… Or add some new-fangled flavor they’ve found… like nothing I’ve ever seen.” It ends up with the line… “So make mine stout, straight and black, and as strong as you can stand.”

    Dr. B

  7. drtombibey Says:


    Taking a break from the movies.

    By the way, I agree you 100% about the issues. Unreal number of responses to that post- some I couldn’t print.

    Movies- sometime get “The Mirror Has Two Faces.” It is old- 1996- you can rent it for a buck or two. We have seen it before- Barbara Striesand and Jeff Bridges.

    All I gotta say is I just thought I was a dumb man. Jeff Bridges plays the part to the max.

    Dr. B

  8. Cindy Carter Says:

    So what movie did you see? Mr. Greenhouse would not be seen at a chick flick. He will go out to eat. And, he will go shopping with me. But, we end up seeing some action flick if we go to the movies.

  9. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Cindy,

    Check out “Mirror has Two Faces.” (1996) Talk about a dumb man- Jeff Bridges is convincing in the role.

    Dr. B

  10. Amber Says:

    And THAT is why you are happily married!

  11. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Amber,

    You know, we are very lucky. We have similar interests. We both love music and both play. She loves to cook and I love to eat. She’s a real artsy sort, and I try. But we ain’t exactly the same. One strength is both of us let each other be what we are, and give some breathing room. Neither of us has tried to change the other. We take each other for what we are imperfect though that may be.

    I always said (and it is true) I married her ’cause I thought she’d give me beautiful children. After giving me two beautiful kids kids and a Gibson mandolin she don’t have anything to prove to me.

    Dr. B

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