Doc Watson update

        The Bluegrass Blog posted an update on Doc Watson today.  Doc had some minor surgery, but is doing fine, and should recover completely.  The post was from Jack Lawrence, who has played guitar alongside Doc for many years.

        Doc’s Doc commented that Doc was 85, but had the body of a 50 year old.  I had to add that not only was that true, but Doc has the brain of a 35 year old, and a soul and spirit that are timeless. 

        One time I had the privilege to open a show for Doc.  I got to sit backstage and talk and pick for a while.  I told Doc he was one of the players who had kept me going in life.  Many a night I drove to the hospital and back home dog tired, but made it in listening to the likes of Doc Watson.

        He said, “Son, thank you for telling me that.  That’s why we play this music.”  It made my year.  What a memory.  Man, I’d have paid to open that show.  Not only is Doc Watson a fine performer, he is as genuine a human being as you will ever run into.  

        I have many favorites, but Doc might be the all time most sincere and authentic traditional musician I know.  It bears re-quoting Wayne Benson.  “When Doc sings, I believe every word.”  Right on, Wayne.  Doc is the best. 

        Jack says Doc is already on the mend, and I sure am glad to hear it.  Get well soon, Doc!

        Card and letters can be sent to Doc via the Bluegrass Blog:

        The Bluegrass Blog

        P.O. Box 1069

        Pulaski, Virginia 24301

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “Doc Watson update”

  1. acousticguitarist Says:

    Thanks drTom for the update.

    Fantastic to find your blog

    can we do a virtual get well for the other Doc

    tony hogan

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Hey Tony,

    Great idea. Doc is hard to beat. I’ve heard him a number of times and got to pick with him once. He is an all time favorite for me.

    Dr. B

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