Fish Camp Jam Camp/Today’s Show Date

        You remember the young couple I mentioned some time back who were following the bluegrass tour on an extended honeymoon?  We met them back at the Tobacco Triangle Bluegrass Festival.  (See the post- it is filed under memorable gigs)  They held onto my card, and looked me up on their way to Merle Fest Jam Camp.  Cory and Lorena.  What a sweet couple of kids.

       I took ’em out to the Fish Camp to eat.  They were from way up North, but they dug into those salt and pepper catfish like they’d been living here all their life.  

        After supper, we pulled out the instruments and lawn chairs, sat out in the parking lot, and played till dark thirty.  Cory was a fine banjer man, and Lorena was a real good singer and played mandolin, so I switched over to guitar for the session and Ms. Marfar played the bass.  We found some harmony lines and had a right good picking.

        B.G.P. drove by and stopped for a minute.  “Hey Doc, you coming to the New Year’s barbecue this year?”

       “Wouldn’t miss it.  Hey, this is Cory and Lorena.  They came all the way from New Jersey to pick bluegrass music.”

        “Well, y’all found the right man.”  

        Someday I’m gonna go to New Jersey and check out the bluegrass music scene up there.  They promised to show me around when I do.  It’s the bluegrass way.

         Today Neuse River has a gig- Uptown Spring Fling.  It is our first outdoor gig (the old-timers used to call it a show date) this year.  Between it and all the dang pollen, I know another spring has arrived sure enough.  

         Doctor tip for the day:  If you have restless leg syndrome make sure to check a serum ferritin level- it as all the rage this year- quite in fashion.  (I just threw that in so y’all wouldn’t forget I was a Doc.  I don’t want to give up my day job.  If you heard my barely get by monotone you’d agree 100%.)

         Will report back to you soon.

Dr. B 


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15 Comments on “Fish Camp Jam Camp/Today’s Show Date”

  1. amberfireinus Says:

    lol at my ferritin level constantly low and always problems with anemia to go with it- (of course) As does my restless legs. I have tried to find dietary ways to boost this, but nada.

    Anyway – as for Bluegrass – They have each year a huge 4th of July Bluesfest in Portland, Oregon. It is amazing. 2 cans of food and $5 donated to the foodbank and homeless. Music all weekend long. The atmosphere is outstanding! I have been a couple of times. Its a really small world. A friend of mine is a former musician/soundman and knew absolutely everyone! The people are truly an extended family.

  2. amberfireinus Says:

    p.s. Catfish… something I have not yet tried. I need to do so. I wonder how far North they serve it? North Carolina???? I will be there this summer – if I feel up to the travel.

  3. drtombibey Says:

    Yep, catfish are a popular item here in N.C. I like ’em salt and peppered. I’m not sure how far North they serve it; I don’t travel much ’cause my day job keeps me close to home.

    Lord Ms. Amber, you already beat me to it on the ferritin business.

    Somewhere I did a post on “Will Pick for Food.” (It might be filed under memorable gigs.) It is a cause a lot of bluegrassers play for.

    The bluegrass crowd is exactly like a big extended family- that Alan Bibey is one heck of a mandolin player. If you run into him tell him Dr. Bibey said hello.

    Dr. B

  4. pandemonic Says:

    I was thinking about RLS last night as I lay awake because my teenage daughter missed her curfew. My leg was twitching. Is that RLS?

    Catfish is good salt n peppered but I like mine Cajun. YUMM-eee!

  5. Ted Lehmann Says:

    Years ago I went to a conference in Kansas with a colleague. We stopped for dinner at a local diner, and I said to her that I bet there was catfish on the menu. She couldn’t believe it, ordered it, and loved it. Salt and pepper catfish is a new thing for me, but I’ll have to try it next time we get near a place that serves it. Irene remembers catching bullheads when she was a girl and won’t go near catfish. She’s not crazy about what they eat. – Ted

  6. drtombibey Says:


    Those old catfish are bottom feeders for sure, but still a bluegrass staple.

    Dr. B

  7. drtombibey Says:


    I had that same variation when my kids were teenagers, but it resolved spontaneously when they got about twenty years old.

    Yeah, the Cajun variety is extra good, too. They don’t fix it that way quite as much around here, though- not sure why.

    Dr. B

  8. amberfireinus Says:

    Dr. B. Note to myself – demand catfish of my sister and best friend upon arrival!!!!! I will be in Durham. Is that close enough to hear you play sometime??????

    As for the medical stuff – Doc, Im telling you I can go toe to toe with the best of them. I wanted to be a doctor as a child. I think had I done it, I would have been some kind of psychiatric neurological specialist. Psychology is my first love to be honest – my knowledge is even more extensive in that realm. Especially regarding Spectrim disorders like OCD, Bi-Polar, and Chronic Depression.
    I nearly went back for a second Masters in Psychology and decided against it because of my health and the fact I wouldn’t be able to practice. Its a waste of our financial resources. If I were to do it though, I would have liked to do some studies on wholistic approaches to the subject. Dealing with mind, body and spirt. Diet, excercise, CBT, drugs, family etc.

    OK, Im rambiling now….. lol

    Watch when giving patients Requip for RLS. It often gives them kidney infections that arent listed in the side effects. Its very hard on the renal organs in general.

  9. drtombibey Says:

    We are indeed right in the middle of the state. We only play about 12 to 15 gigs a year (due to the doctor thing) but if you let me know which weeks you are in the area will give you a heads up as to whether or not we have a show.

    Most of our are very low key events- things like playing for the Nursing Home, that sort of thing. The pros tell me we are good for amateurs, but we are just that and not gonna turn pro for sure. I am too much of a homebody anyway. I don’t know how they stand the travel.

    Dr. B

  10. Fran Rizer Says:

    Dr. B,
    I was a little surprised that nobody mentioned catfish stew, which is a stape in South Carolina with as many recipes as there are chefs!
    Fran Rizer

  11. drtombibey Says:


    You ain’t lived till you’ve had catfish stew served in a VW hubcap at the Galax Old Time Fiddler’s Convention, huh?

    Dr. B

  12. amberfireinus Says:

    Oh my… in a hubcap? Now I have heard everything!

  13. drtombibey Says:

    In bluegrass it is known as “rough style.”

    The Galax Fiddler’s Covention is always the first full week in August. It is one I highly recommend for folks who desire an immediate complete immersion into the bluegrass way.

    Dr. B

  14. president of Neuse River fan club in Mississippi Says:

    Doc, you know that I would have to comment on eating catfish from the Neuse River Fan Club. I have to remember that other people have the opportunity to eat the “seafood of the south.” I know everyone has heard this line: “What kind of seafood do you like?”The lady will say, the only seafood I like is catfish.” I am not going to try and explain to the lady that catfish is not a seafood. The topic is best left alone because as you know it just ain’t worth it. I also would like to say that the person who liked the fish cajun instead of lemon pepper or blacken is a true eater of the fish. Anyone ever had one that tasted muddy? Do you like whole or filet?

    Briefly we are working on another member of the Neuse River Fan Club. A guy from south Mississippi.

    The trips that you take always have a contact involved. You really enjoy you true gift. You are a people person.

    Doc, last thought, I still have your card, work great to separate credit cards in my billfold. The cards do not scrath up as much.

    Well got to go, I will probably run into the catfish lady at Wal MARTsssssssssss.

  15. drtombibey Says:


    Given I am an honorary Mississippian, and quite proud of it, I do as the Romans, or the Mississippi folks in this case, do, when on the road. I usually eat ’em whole, but I find you can’t wrong with catfish, bluegrass music, or bluegrass people wherever you go.

    I’m not sure how Ms. Pande became an expert on catfish way up there in the frozen tundra, but she clearly is.

    You’re right about me- if I don’t have somebody to go see there ain’t no need to travel.

    Speaking of Walmart, one lady said she liked Family Dollar, ’cause you don’t have to dress up to go there like you do when you go to Walmarks.

    I ain’t making fun, ’cause I’m one of ’em.

    Play hard Brother Smitty, and keep the skillet good ‘n greasy.

    Dr. B

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