Asthma and Pretty Girls

        Back in med school we wouldn’t admit it but we were all scared about half to death.  You couldn’t help but be intimidated.  There was so much to learn and most of us were too young to have any idea how to deal with people.  I think the trend nowadays is towards older students who have some life experience.  This is not a bad idea.

        I remember one green third year student asked to examine a young woman with asthma.  As it turned out, this was a quite attractive girl, and those flimsy gowns didn’t do much to hide the fact.

        The boy was quite unaccustomed to being around anyone who looked like that, much less being called on to examine her chest.  He placed his stethoscope with great caution, careful to avoid any notion of impropriety.

       He listened.  “Breathe in, and out,” he counseled in a most professional manner.  He did his best to divert his eyes from the obvious fact that God had been very kind to this young woman.

       The exam went on for a moment, then she asked a question.

        “Sir, aren’t you supposed to put that thing in your ears?”

        The boy was too embarrassed to go on, and left the room.  Someone else had to do the intake on that one.

        I think he went into Radiology.  

Dr. B

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8 Comments on “Asthma and Pretty Girls”

  1. Ted Lehmann Says:

    You sure he didn’t become a country doc somewhere in NC? – Ted

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Oh it wasn’t me, ’cause if it was I’d never admitted it.

    Dr. B

  3. mrschili Says:

    Heh. Amazing what distractions we women can be without our even trying, isn’t it?

  4. drtombibey Says:

    The women folks of this world are indeed a powerful lot. To this day if my wife was to ask me to go out in the road and do push-ups I would do it without question. I am lucky in that she does not take advantage of me.

    Dr. B

  5. pandemonic Says:

    Oh, that’s funny! Thanks for my morning smile.

  6. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Pande,

    I’ve figured out why many of my readers are from such tough climates.

    1. I am semi-retired and have time to write some of these funny stories and be a day brightener for them.

    2. They are all snowed in and have time to read them.

    Glad it was good for a smile- that is why I write.

    Dr. B

  7. Parson Bob Says:

    Gee…a Valentine’s Day story. Sorta! Thanks for the chuckle. Reminded me of the (here abbreviated) story of the newly ordained cleric who, in administering the bread during a communion service, accidentally dropped the wafer down the front of a well-endowed young lady’s low cut dress. Without thinking, he reached in to retrieve the wafer, and is now in the ecclesiastical equivalent of Radiology.

  8. drtombibey Says:

    Parson Bob,

    I should have thought about it being Valentine’s Day when I posted this am-not exactly politically correct.

    Seems like I saw the minister you talked about (or one like him) on T.V.

    Dr. B

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