Doctor Meeting

        I went to a very fine conference last night hosted by a famous institution in Tennessee.  The purpose was to educate us docs on how to improve our skills in listening to and talking to our patients.  I’ll bet you guys are glad to hear that!  We all can stand to improve.

        It came at an apropos time, as tomorrow I plan my first post on “How Country Docs Think.”  I hope you will offer some feed-back as you read through this series with me.  I am on my last leg on my doctor journey, and I believe my readers might help me jump up a notch in my skills by your constructive criticism.

        My doctor friend from that famous Tennessee institution might enjoy the exchange too, so this gives you the opportunity to send your thoughts to a nationally recognized authority on doc/patient relationships, if via a Country Doc.  (I won’t edit your comments too bad- just no cuss words guys, I promised my agent a “G” rated site.)

        So, with that, the series on “How Country Docs Think,” begins with a post first thing in the morning.  I hope you find it informative, and learn a little about docs.  It would only be fair.  Just as I have learned much from my patients over the years, I learn from my readers with each topic we discuss.

-Dr. B

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