Medical Mini-Post

        I have thought about Ted Lehmann’s post on Dr. Groopman’s book “How Doctors Think” for several days.  Dr. Groopman’s work has been considered quite important in medical circles, (as well as by the rest of the country) and Ted Lehmann did an excellent review.  After thinking it over, I did not see a way to do it justice by a response of a single post, so I decided to do a short series on how Dr. Groopman’s concepts apply to everyday country doctor life.

        I hope you will bear with me.  I promised medical and bluegrass fiction, and instead I’m gonna turn serious for a few days and talk about work.  Still, it will be much like fiction, as I will change all patient names and enough clinical detail to make the situations unrecognizable.  As much as I think some of their stories could be instructive, I even more strongly desire to protect their privacy.  

        Just so I don’t go and lose you altogether, I’ll sprinkle in some local color and a few other mini-posts as I go.  And, I want to tell you more about my golfing preacher soon, maybe in the next post. 

        The medical series may not have as much appeal, or be as much entertainment, but think of it like reading a medical journal.  Just when you are bored out of your brain, a passage comes along that might help one of your people, and then you are glad you read.

        While I am at it, I’m gonna break another rule, too.  I promised posts on Wednesdays and Saturdays, but mama (what people call their wife of more than thirty years) wants to go out to eat, and see a chick flick, so I’m all about that for now.  Maybe that’s why I get along with her so good.  A chick flick every so often won’t hurt a fellow, and makes for a much kinder and gentler life than if all your companions are middle aged guys who chew tobacco and watch rassling on T.V. 

        So with that, I’m gonna leave the weblog idle for a couple days, watch some chick flicks, and get it touch with my softer side, but I’ll be back.  And, it’ll make me a better Doc, too.  Takes all the meanness out of you, you know.

-Dr. B

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8 Comments on “Medical Mini-Post”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I’m looking forward to these posts, Doc. I’m going to feel much more at home with these than I will with the bluegrass posts, though I read them, too – I just don’t have anything intelligent to say about ’em.

    Let me know what chick flicks you watch, and whether you liked them. I’m not much of a chick-flick chick myself – action/adventure is more my genre – but there are a couple of them out there that I’m considering spending some hard-earned entertainment dollars on, and I’d love some reviews…

  2. drtombibey Says:

    I like to watch my wife’s reaction to them. She can always tell when the girl has fallen for the guy, and the guy in the movie is slow to see what is happening.
    “What a dumb man he is,” she’ll say. The thing of it is I often don’t get it as early in the show as she does. However, I am not totally dumb. I just nod and say I can’t believe the dude doesn’t see it either.
    You know what, she is right almost every time, too, just like she’s seen the flick before. Amazing intuition.
    Gotta go- something else she’d like to watch. Don’t want to be a dumb man.

    -Dr. B

  3. Ted Lehmann Says:

    We just can’t help it is all. It must be hard wired. – Ted

  4. drtombibey Says:

    Tis true brother Ted, tis all true. -Dr. B

  5. sshay Says:

    I’m still waiting for more on the preaching golfer. Or is he a golfing preacher?

    BTW: If my dh ever calls me Mama, even if we’re married for 50 or 60 years, he’d better still be able to run, because I’m going to chase him down and smack him.


  6. drtombibey Says:

    Ms. Susan,
    I’ll have that post out after church tomorrow. I ran behind ’cause I was off and promised the weekend to my Ms. Marfar. As we say in bluegrass, she’s a good’un. (And I think you’re right- mama ain’t too romantic, huh?)

    -Dr. B

  7. Deanna White Says:

    I do so enjoy reading your posts… have a nice meal and enjoy the chick flicks with “mama”… (a woman after my own heart – nothing like a good chick flick) – see you on the softer side and do continue to post often.


  8. drtombibey Says:

    Thanks Ms. Deanna,
    After being married for 32 years (and all of ’em to the same woman!) and working with twelve ladies in my office, several of who have worked with me my whole career, I’ve learned a little, but not all about ladies.
    I find them better at both non-verbal and verbal communication, but not verbose, and they deal with emotional issues better, too. As a guy who grew up playing ball and rough-housing around, I still have much to learn.
    And as a Doc, I know this for sure. God knew what God was doing, ’cause if it was up to men to have babies, the human race woulda died out years ago.

    -Dr. B

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