More on Ms. Claus

        I kinda hated to see Christmas pass on by this time.  All the kids were in, and everybody was well. (No broken fibulas this year.)  Ms. Claus found me a couple of old books I had been looking for and it was more special than any material item she coulda ever bought.

       A number of readers expressed interest in Ms. Claus, so I thought I’d take a minute to tell you of her.  She is a doctor, too, but her field is in education.  She is retired from it now, but for years she was a Middle School counselor.  Believe me, that is a tough crowd to work, but she did well with ’em.  

        We respected the privacy of the kids we were involved with, and did not talk over their cases at home, but I could get a pretty good idea which ones had dealings with her.  Whenever I’d have a kid at the office who was up for his Eagle, I’d ask if they knew Ms. Bibey.  They would have a puzzled look, and you could see them mentally perusing the cerbral storage files.  “No sir, I don’t believe I do,” was the usual response.

        On the other hand, I’d get some street tough kid with a tattoo and a nose ring, and ask the same question.  They’d just light up.  “You Miss Bibey’s old man?!”  I understood their enthusiasm.  I kinda liked her too, and it got me in good with ’em every time.

        One time she found an abandoned cat at school, and against all rules and regulations snuck it into her office to nurse it back to health.  The kids called the stray “Buttermilk Biscuit,” after its nutmeg/dirt brown color and a predilection for the Harnett Middle School milk and biscuits they raised it on.  Some of those youn’uns were tough as pine knots, but they all wanted a chance to be a part of raising ole Buttermilk, and would sneak down to Ms. Bibey’s office to feed that alley cat.  I guess they identified with the cat’s circumstances, but I was amazed how the experience brought those kids out.  And too, I think all that experience working with troubled youth gave my wife just the right background to raise me. 

        Of course, it was against all regulations.  When the cat got a little bigger and the principal discovered it, we brought it home.  It lived a long, fat and sassy life.  Those kids talked about saving that cat for years- sometimes I wonder about too many regulations.

        Better sign off and read some doctor books and head out for work.  

        Miss Bibey’s old man has a big gig coming up Friday.  I’ll  try to tell you about it this weekend. 

                                                     -Dr. B

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2 Comments on “More on Ms. Claus”

  1. mrschili Says:

    I’d like to learn better how to reach the tough ones. I’ve managed to touch a few of them, but there were a couple of nuts I was never able to crack….

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Can’t reach ’em all, but I think trying hard, and being sorry for one’s human limitations will get a soul into heaven.

    -Dr. B

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