Birds of a Bluegrass Feather

        Well, as we have said, them bluegrass people are thick as thieves, and it’s even true for the bluegrass animals.  I got  a call from a lady the other day who wondered if we would adopt her Sun Conure bird.  Given its’ name was Sassy Scruggs, it was a little hard to say no. The woman was moving to the Windy City, and gonna be in a big condo where they wouldn’t allow animals, and besides, conures are tropical birds, and the climate didn’t exactly suit their clothes as the song says.  And too, the woman wanted the bird to have a bluegrass home, and she knew I was a player, ’cause she had seen Neuse River on the local cable T.V. station last winter when they ran out of news.

        As far as me, I don’t care all that much for birds, but I guess the lady knew my wife was a local expert on bird raising, given that she (my wife that is) half raised me.  And too, it might be ’cause we already had a Jen Day conure, which is a close cousin to the Sun variety, so the ladies decided the whole situation was meant to be.

        We didn’t have to think it over long anyway.  My wife wanted the bird to have a good home, and I like to see my wife happy, so it was all good.  There was more to it than that, too.  Our bird is a male named Sammy- Bush or Shelor depending on whether a mandolin or banjo player might be coming to dinner.  Sammy and Sassy; we figured it would be a good fit.

        When the lady brought that little conure over to the office I had to ask if she was any kin to Earl, and she wasn’t.  I did know to ooh and aah over the bird, though.  (Hint to the men folks here- if you are around a group of office women and don’t know what to say in this situation, just smile and say, “Isn’t she precious?”)  This always goes over good.

        Matter of fact, when I took the bird home, that’s the first thing my wife said, and I knew to agree, even though I wasn’t exactly sure why.  It is a good home, though.  The bird needed a bluegrass habitat, and she and Sammy get along famously.

        Lynn O’Carroll at the office said she hopes they’ll conjure up a conure, and if they do she wants first dibs.  We get to name it, though.  If is a girl, I’m voting for Alison and my wife likes Vince if it’s a boy.  (He was bluegrass before he was country.)  One thing about it, though- it won’t be a Reno or a Ralph.  I don’t know that much about birds, but it seemed two banjo players in one house was a plenty, even if they don’t chew tobacco.

        My wife thought it was precious.

  Dr. B

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6 Comments on “Birds of a Bluegrass Feather”

  1. Ted Lehmann Says:

    I Googled the Sun Conure, believing you had finally gone too far, only to discover it’s a truly lovely bird. I suppose its caw probably approaches what one might call High Lonesome. Aren’t there enough funny birds in bluegrass already? – Ted

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Brother Ted,
    Your research is correct. They have two voices, the High Lonesome Sound, which you referenced, and also a staccato chatter that keeps better time than Dr. B on the mandolin backbeat.
    And you are right – bluegrass has a lot of funny birds- the more the better- tis enough to keep a Doc and an English professor hitting the books forever in the lifelong learning experience huh?
    -Dr. B

  3. Robin Says:

    I can’t wait until you write a tune entitled “The Ballad of Sassy & Sammy”. It should be ‘precious’. And I just wanted to say on a personal note that I thank you very, very much for taking in my sweet, sweet Sassy. I loved my girl so much and I miss her a lot. It hurt me so bad to give her up but seeing that I knew she would have a mate, Sammy, and would be in a loving bluegrass home, well, I was able to sleep well at night. I know she will be loved and pampered as she should be, and as you said, seeing as her last name was Scruggs, well, she is gonna fit just fine in your family. Tell her Mama loves & misses her & give her a kiss for me. Thanks Dr. B…

  4. drtombibey Says:

    Will do Miss Robin. Call Marfar and visit Sassy some day when you are in from the Windy City- I know they’d both love to see you.

    -Dr. Bibey

  5. sun conure Says:

    Nice but don’t you think there are allready enough birds in bluegrass?

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