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         First of all, I want to thank all you folks for checking in on my new blog.  I’ve heard from people all over the country, and I’m learning all sorts of new things.  Only six weeks on board, and I’ve already got a bunch of new friends.

        Given just last month I didn’t know a blog roll from an egg roll,  I didn’t know what to expect, and everyone has been most gracious.  Folks like Ms. Ruby and the English professor took me by the hand, and waltzed me right on into cyberspace, and I appreciate it.

        Several folks have asked me how to predict when new posts will be published.  Well, up till now, I’d just been typing as fast as my two fingers would go and hadn’t thought much about it, so I asked my agent what I ought to do.  He wasn’t surprised, ’cause he knew when  I took typing at Harnett High I used to sneak out a ground level window at the back of the class and go to Popeye Clay’s store to eat nabs and play music, and only got a C+ in typing ’cause of it.  He said he wanted me to type up two stories a week, to post mostly on  Monday and Friday, so readers could have some idea of a schedule and a chance to respond. 

        I’d better do what he says.  Do y’all know how hard it is to keep an agent?  My last one let me go because she wanted  romantic fiction with a chick-litty voice.  I wasn’t sure what that was, but as we say in bluegrass, I was pretty sure I wasn’t cutting the gig. 

        The English Professor caught up with me too.  He sent a colleague from Tobacco Triangle U. to interview my senior English teacher over at Harnett Nursing home.  When she told ’em about how I purposely mispronounced that word in the “Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner” as sweet “Likker” to win twenty-five bucks off Strober K. (the bass player at the time) I thought he was gonna fire me before we even got going good.  I think the only thing that saved the day was when he found out I ended up with an “A” in senior English anyway after I was able to finagle an interview with Carl Sandburg.

        On top of all that, the blog was moving so fast that the president of the Mississippi chapter of the Neuse River fan club was afraid I wasn’t gonna make my gig there, and he thought I ought to take my Marfar to dinner and follow the advice of my agent.

       Well, as Jerry Clower says, it must be scripture, so me and Ms. Marfar took the night off to go the Burnette’s Bee Hive and take in a Queen Bee basket- “A Queen Bee for a Queen,” I said.

         So, the next post should be off the press come Monday morning.  I plan on it being an in-depth study of bluegrass speak, so as all our non bluegrass folks on the web can interpret our language.  Talk to you then. 

Dr. B


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