County Star Theatre

        It was a big night in the County.  We’re gonna renovate the old County Star theatre, and bring live shows to Harnett County for the first time in many years.  We ain’t had anybody perform live there since Cowboy singing star Fred Kirkly rode his little paint pony out on the stage, and Moose went and hit her in the hindquarters with a pea shooter.  Well, Calico she rared back and threw Fred off into the orchestra pit and he dislocated his shoulder, and ole Doc Robin and my Dad had to yank it back in the socket.  Now that was a show. 

        Most of the folks there tonight were too young to remember all that, and me and Moose didn’t tell.  The McCurry brothers put on a spontaneous acappella singing, and did it without their guitars.  It was extra good.

        Yep, there gonna be some good bands brought into town when it’s done.  I looked at all the drawings and plans, and they are first rate.  Our guitar man at church, Stan “Guitar Man” Antonio is heading up the architecture.  Not only did he go to school and study all about Art Deco and things like that, but he is a first rate guitar picker to boot, so I can guarantee it will be a 100% authentic old time music hall by the time he’s done with it. When we get finished with the renovation, I’ll post a heads up and invite you to a show.

Dr. B


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