Sandhills University School of Medicine

        I am a graduate of Sandhills University School of Medicine.  We are very proud of her.  She started out as a sleepy little place, but is now ranked sixth in the country in the proper education of primary care docs.  We did well when we were there too- I guess when they published our Board scores on the front page of the local paper it was a good indication we had outstripped some of our more well-established rivals that year. 

        Sandhills didn’t just turn out country docs like me, though.  We produced some first class specialists, too.  Take a guy like Tony Smitt.  He showed up the first day of med school in a Mercedes car.   His daddy owned a number of furniture factories in western N.C.  Smitty was independently wealthy, and our only classmate to go to school on a trust fund.  We asked him why in the world he would put himself through the grind, and he said he needed a hobby.  Gotta hand it to old Tony, the boy didn’t have to do it, but dedicated himself to his craft, and is now the chief radiologist at a famous institution in the Tobacco Triangle.  Joe DiMaggio said a rich kid never made it to the majors, but Tony proved the Yankee Clipper wrong on that one.

        We had John Quietner, a country boy who made it all the way through med school without uttering a full sentence,  (finished near the top of the class, too)  Tom Bailey, the smartest human being I ever met, Lee Stewart, who went from the farm to being a famous neurosurgeon, and Renaldo Peysoir, the Latin heartthrob dermatologist.  I have to give Renaldo the award for the most integrity- every woman in the Med Center wanted to go out with him, and he remained 100% faithful to his lovely wife.  Others were equally loyal, but some will never know if it was integrity or lack of opportunity!  

        We also had good ole Dr. Bibey.  I reckon he was a little above average, but had one exceptional talent.  He could always spot a special human being, and befriended them at every turn.  Many, many times through the years, that was the gift that saved him.

        I have run out of time tonight, but eventually I will tell you of our exploits at old Sandhills U.  I don’t see how we could have had more fun while getting a first class medical education.

Dr. B   

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