Thanksgiving- Mama’s Got The Know How

        I know it’s Thanksgiving week before I even get out of bed.  The wife has got the persimmon pudding and pumpkin pie simmering, and the unmistakable aroma has wafted up the stairs.  I didn’t even need to look at the calender.  An old Cajun song we used to do at the Bomb Shelter (that’s another story) called “Mama’s Got the Know How” comes to mind. 

        I sure am thankful for my wife, ’cause all I know how to do is write prescriptions and play the mandolin.  She’s got everything else figured out, and can play the bass and sing, too.

        Now that persimmon pudding is the best- if I can just figure out how to con my boy out of the corner piece this year….

                                                 -Dr. B

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