Pennsylvania on My Mind

        An executive friend wanted me to write some words for a tune.  His wife got transferred to Pennsylvania, and now in midlife they find themselves in a long distance relationship.  The words are lame, and cover the same turf as countless tunes from multiple genres, except for one twist- it is unusual in bluegrass to long for geographic locales north of the Mason Dixon line.  Of course, this is all tongue in cheek, ’cause there is just as much good bluegrass up North as here in the Carolinas.  Perhaps one of our Pennsylvania bands can put the words to good use.

Dr. B


Pennsylvania on my mind

Can’t think of nothing more

Pennsylvania on my mind

I’m headed out the door

The weatherman says its colder there        

By more than ten degrees

My mind knows that must be true,

But my heart just don’t believe 


Meet me in Pennsylvania girl

That’s where I want to be

Its so cold and lonely here in sunny Tennessee

I’m gonna hit the Interstate

So lock the gate and stay up late

Just be sure to leave me out the keys



Ain’t no sweeter state to me

Than home in Tennessee

But that ain’t true when you’re up there

And not down here with me

So I’ll head north and hope to find

A Pennsylvania state of mind

Cause that’s the only place I long to be



Good to finally get on back

Above the Mason Dixon line

And in the arms of the only girl

I’d ever hoped to find

I think I’ll stay up North a while

I love Pennsylvania anyhow

More than that sunny south old hometown of mine

                Dr. Tom Bibey                                                

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