Music, Medicine, and Whiskey

        I’ve played bluegrass music for years in a variety of bands, and most of my patients accept it.   It’s just my way of dealing with things.  One elderly woman didn’t think much of it, though.  “Young man, she said.  I like your doctoring just fine, but I wish you wouldn’t play in that old band.” 

        “Ma’am.  This job is a fair amount of stress.  I’m either gonna play in that band or take up drinking whiskey, so you’re gonna have to make a choice.”  I don’t think she liked it, but decided she was better off with a bluegrass picker than the alternative.

        A patient was in today and he asked if I had played over the weekend, and why I loved the music so much.  “If you care about this business,” I said, “You have to find some way to deal with all the losses and pain you see over the years.  For me it is the music.  It beats drinking.”

       This man is a rather reflective sort; one of my favorites who always understands the issue at hand.  He pondered for a moment, and then said, “I guess what you are saying is either a Doc plays music, drinks whiskey, or just doesn’t care.” 

        I had to laugh.  “Nah, I wouldn’t go that far, but most all of ’em find some way to cope- heck, some do both, and for others in might be golf, but for me, it’s the music.”

        Bluegrass music theory lesson for the day.  The term fifth, which denotes a harmony interval in a scale, is not to be confused with a defined quantity of white corn liquor at the Galax Old Time Fiddler’s Convention.  And one more piece of advice- the streaky meat sandwiches there are O.K. but beware of the crocodile stew. 

Dr. B

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2 Comments on “Music, Medicine, and Whiskey”

  1. prettysleepy Says:

    You are a jack of all trades! I like your blog!

  2. drtombibey Says:

    Hey prettysleepy,

    Thanks so much. I always like to have new visitors. I spent a life-time living as fast as I could and had a great go of it. Along the way, I kept old stories in shoeboxes, then on my laptop.

    I am in good health and hope to live long enough to tell ’em all.

    Dr. B

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