The High Lonesome Sound


        Credit where due- this is borrowed from a stage story of our lead singer, the Warbler.        


The High Lonesome Sound                                                                  


        Our lead singer is a history buff, and he is forever into research on  the derivations of various bluegrass traditions.

        One day I asked him where the term High Lonesome Sound came from, and he said his father and uncle coined it.

        Seems they were practicing one day like the Scruggs boys, where they would start playing Sally Goodin, turn their backs to each other, and walk to the front of the house.  When they met at the front they were supposed to be in time together.  If they weren’t, they would repeat the process until they got it right.  This is the method Earl and his brother Horace used to perfect their unmistakable timing.

        One fall day they had been getting up some leaves, and Warbler’s Dad left a rake in the side yard.  His uncle, lost in his banjo picking concentration, didn’t see the rake in the grass, stepped on it by accident, and thus created the High Lonesome Sound, at least that’s the way the Warbler tells it.

        Of course, I must warn you Warb starts a history lecture with something like this.  “In 1492, Columbus crossed the Ocean Blue, and brought the Stanley Brothers with him,” so don’t quote me too far.

 Dr. B

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