Kasparov and Deep Blue

     I like computers, and find them an excellent vehicle to communicate with other human beings.  However, when a trip to the Doctor has you stick your finger into a machine at Wal-Marks, and wait for the computer to spit out your prognosis while simultaneously accessing your debit card- well I just hope when it all gets that impersonal I am retired or in Heaven’s bluegrass band.  (No need for doctors there.)

     I must have thought this for some time.  I recently unearthed some old lyrics lamenting Kasporov’s chess match loss to the computer program, Deep Blue.

     They are to the tune of John Henry, and address similar concerns.  Though it is another era, some things in the human experience do not change.

                            “Kasparov and Deep Blue”

Kasporov was a chess playing man

He went up against Deep Blue

They said that machine could out think  a man 

Tell me that ain’t true, Lord Lord. 

Tell me that ain’t true.

Kasporov was a brilliant young boy

Mom said, “Son, now I’ll tell you.”

You’ll outplay any man alive

But lose to that old Deep Blue, Deep Blue

Lose to that old Deep Blue

Kasparov won the first match they say

When the program was just brand new

Blue replied with a blank screen stare

I’ll have a rematch with you, Lord Lord.

I’ll have a rematch with you.

Fatigue took its toll as the match wore on

Hunger was a factor too

Emotion crept in for the man in the game

But it warn’t a factor for Deep Blue, Deep Blue

Warn’t nuthing to old Deep Blue

Blue outflanked with a feint and a bluff

That computer coldly closed in

Outwitted for the first time in his career

Kasporov conceded the win, the win

Kasporov conceded the win.

Blue booted down without celebration

And no concerns for human tribuation 

But the soul is a thing that computers don’t know

It’s deeper than a program can go, can go

It’s deeper than a program can go.


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One Comment on “Kasparov and Deep Blue”

  1. rekx Says:

    I love it! Very well done.

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