Playing Music With the Girls

        You know how when we were growing up boys used to say, “You play good for a girl?”  Well, I played a set with the “Guitar-ed and Feathered” girls tonight, and it was all good.  They might not be as technically advanced as the Neuse River boys, but they are a whole lot better looking, and the bass player is extra cute.  They don’t chew tobacco, either.  Besides, I’ve heard all my adult life I play good for a doctor, so the fact they play good for girls ain’t such a bad thing- I can understand being misunderstood.

      Years ago, I used to play football with a girl named Dale Evans, until one day she just up and quit us and we didn’t know why- I think she went to a dance.  So, playing with the girls is an old habit I reckon, and while I ain’t giving up my regular gig with Neuse River, I think I’ll hold onto this one too.  They tell funny jokes, make good snacks, and they are getting there as singers and players.  Besides, they are good scenery, too- especially that bass player!

Dr. B 

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