Singing the Gospel

        Darrell and Summer, the girl singer, sang the gospel last night at Maple Springs Church.  How anyone could come away from there and not be a believer is beyond me.  Summer has always been a powerful singer, but now the young’un has taken up mandolin, and did a fine Skaggs sounding break on “River of Jordan.”  She must have a good teacher.

        Darrell and Ed “Lightning” Littlerod did a new old brother duet on “Stormy Waters” that made the hair stand up on the back of my neck.  It was one of those spare arrangements with just guitar and the two singers.  Fine work. 

        The dobro man was right on, and told some funny country tales.  Banjo Bryan nailed his usual professional performance, and the boys let old Doc play a couple tunes. 

        It was all good.  Get out and see ’em sometime, and tell ’em Doc Bibey sent you.

         Tis Monday am, gotta go turn into a Doc.  See ‘ya.

     Dr. B

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