Praise Band

        I am a lucky mandolin player.  Our church not only allows, but encourages acoustic music.  Hey, Martin Luther himself said music was next to theology.  I figure he knew a little about the subject, so I reckon some of this is bound to be the Lord’s work.

         Our band is not all bluegrass.  In fact, except for my wife on the bass and me on mandolin, everyone else is from a different genre.  I believe diversity yields strength, and  gives us a unique sound.

     Our leader on the keys is a board certified Music Minister, (he still has hair) the guitar man is from rock ‘n roll, and the drummer is a veteran beach music and big band performer.  Throw in a genuine Hawaiian koa uke, some church chior singers, and a paper trained (classical) violinist, and you have an interesting mix.  It all works fine, except one day the violinist had a solo and asked if I would turn the pages for her.  I looked at her and asked how you know when to turn ’em, and she realized I had been playing along by ear all this time.

        We are so liberal they even let me sing once a year.  I have a special supersensitve mike donated by Johnny’s Jewelry and Loan.  (They call it the Shure “Barney Fife” special.)

      Would love to hear from Praise Bands out there to see which instruments you use, and what music selections you are doing.

Dr. B

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