Hole-In-One/Truth and Fiction

        I’ve played golf a long time, and have never had a hole-in-one.  Though about even odds to break 80, after a half century there are still no aces.  Had a couple close ones, but none in.

        Heck, I’ve only seen one before.  I cut class in Med School one time, a day just before graduation.  Only problem was John Quietner got a hole-in-one and the event, along with our names, wound up in the paper.  The Dean called us all in.  We thought about telling a fib, but it was the Dean.  Besides, it also was a hole-in-one.  John figured he’d rather take the punishment and still get credit for the ace.  The Dean tried to act angry, but we all knew he was a golfer, and he didn’t much fool us.  

        I played nine today with a fellow writer, Kelly Johnstone.  Kel covers a more serious beat, but we share the same  pursuit of the truth via our craft.

        Number twelve was a par three facing directly west.  Kel hit a sharp 5-iron and we lost the flight of the ball as it bored towards the sun.  We didn’t find the ball on the green, and began to consider where it might be.  We snuck up on the hole and peered in.

        Hope springs eternal, but it wasn’t to be.  Instead, the ball had trickled into the back fringe.  We played out, and as we left the green, Kel had a thought.

        “Hey, Bibey.  You’re a fiction writer, why don’t you just give me a hole-in-one?”

        At first it seemed like a great idea to both of us.  After all, it is only fiction; it doesn’t have to be true.  What a great story.  It wasn’t but a moment, though, and we both came to the same conclusion.  A hole-in-one was just too sacred.  We’d been golfers long before we were writers.  No way to tell a fib on such an important issue, even in fiction.  

        It reminded me of a quote I wish I could take credit for.  I hope the Professor will forgive me for not being able to recall their name.  “For it to be good fiction, it need not necessarily have happened, but it must be true.”  

        Oh well.  I wish it could be true, but there was no hole-in-one today, and I couldn’t force my fingers to misrepresent the fact.  We’d just have to wait on the real thing.

Dr. B

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